changes load ammo has made recently

Going digital

As we all know times have changed and due to our recent loss of Wayne Blackwell. We feel that it would be economical, easier and more convenient for the company and clients to access the program this way!

New Web Development

As you well know we have changed our webpage to the latest version of which the internet is now running on HTML5 & CSS3 Responsive.

Marketplace & Affiliate program

Currently we are trying to gain some traction that has never been done through this company! Using Social Media and new outlets of our choice! Learn how to make 20 dollars per program sold and get a discount by sharing using social media if you plan on buying Load Ammo under marketplace!

newest topics

our recent history

As some of you may already know Wayne Blackwell the creator of Load From A Disk passed away September 17th 2013. It was a tragic and sudden loss for the Blackwell family. He was nothing more than a dedicated Christian and loving family member who will be greatly missed by those close to him and those that surrounded him during his life. Currently we are still choosing to continue to keep Load From A Disk up and running for the time being. There are some changes that will be made I hope you can bare with us and understand why these changes are being made.

1) We are going digital and you will be able to directly download our program from the site. This is due to two things, one that it is 2013 and almost everyone now has internet and can install it to their computer without any issues. However if someone does need a disk we can make an arrangement to do so. However it is much easier, faster and more efficient on both ends to have it online.

2) This may be a huge part but we will have little Tech Support due to this topic above. However some questions may be able to be anwsered. Almost any instructions you need are inside the program or already given to you on install or the website. Visit the contact page to figure out further information.